Car experts say this Volvo has one of the best interiors in the industry

V60 luxury wagon named an Autotrader 10 Best Car Interior under $50,000 for 2020

The Volvo V60 luxury wagon has one of the best interiors for cars under $50,000, according to experts at Autotrader.

The Autotrader 10 Best Interiors for Cars Under $50,000 list helps car buyers look beyond a new car’s outward appearance and focus more on the beauty within.

“Part of Volvo’s appeal is in its calming, minimalist Scandinavian design language, and the V60 offers a good balance of value and utility,” said Tara Trompeter, managing editor for Autotrader. “While it comes with a great cabin regardless of how it’s optioned, we’re especially partial to the City Weave textile material that comes in a charming plaid pattern.”

“The V60 is beautiful inside and out,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President, Americas and President and CEO, Volvo Car USA. “I can’t think of a car more beautiful, versatile or special. We are grateful to be respected by Autotrader’s experts and to be included on this list of fantastic cars.”

The V60 underlines Volvo’s position as a maker of cars that combine good looks with everyday practicality. The V60 highlights the company’s pedigree in family cars that cater to the diverse needs and realities of modern family life.

Like the American-made S60 sedan, the V60 carries the proud and confident face of Volvo’s design language, along with classic Volvo styling cues. Key features include the iconic “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlight design, the new grille and Volvo Iron Mark, and the expressive use of the Volvo word mark on the rear.

Inside, Volvo has taken cues from the clean, Scandinavian interior design first introduced in the 90 Series cars, raising the bar in the segment with natural materials and new details on the dashboard and instrument panel.

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