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Jaguar Land Rover continues its efforts to support the fight against coronavirus by providing an additional 150 vehicles globally, taking the number supplied to frontline services to 308

  • Jaguar and Land Rover thank all those around the world involved in the fight against coronavirus
  • 308 vehicles now deployed globally to support emergency response organisations
  • 90 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are supporting the Red Cross Societies and other frontline services in Australia, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Germany and The Netherlands
  • 164 vehicles have been supplied to the British Red Cross, including an additional 105 which will help provide practical support such as medicine and food deliveries, patient transport to those needing to get to and from hospital
  • 14 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles being used by West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust to test staff isolating with coronavirus symptoms
  • Testing allows the service to support staff with the virus and enables those fit and healthy to return to frontline duties
  • Land Rover Discoverys provided to Prometheus Medical UK to support home testing for coronavirus on behalf of the British Heath Authority
  • Jaguar Land Rover has started production and delivery of NHS-approved protective visors with the ambition to produce 5,000 a week in the UK
  • Jaguar Land Rover Brazil now producing protective visors in Itatiaia, their Rio de Janeiro facility, to support local health workers
  • Jaguars have been deployed to the charity StreetGames, enabling them to support vulnerable young people at risk from hunger, isolation and inactivity
  • Employees at Solihull give £17,000 to help local charities cope with coronavirus. Donations will support the NSPCC’s Childline and Age UK, helping thousands of vulnerable children and elderly people across the UK

Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle loans in detail:

  • UK – 210 (164 to British Red Cross, 46 to other frontline services)
  • Spain – 18 to Spanish Red Cross
  • Australia – 28 to Australian Red Cross
  • South Africa – 11 to South African Red Cross
  • Brazil – 3 to Brazilian Red Cross
  • Canada – 2 to support local charity in delivering PPE
  • Italy – 5 to Italian Red Cross
  • The Netherlands – 3 to Dutch Red Cross
  • Russia – 21 to LIZA Alert Foundation
  • Germany – 4 to local charities Tafel Niederberg and Tafel Offenbach delivering food and medical supplies
  • Belgium and Belux – 3 to Food Bank of Brussels-Brabant and Solidarité Grands Froids

Jaguar Land Rover engineering and community efforts globally:

  • We have offered our research and engineering expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, printing of 3D models and prototypes, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science support
  • We are working closely with the UK government to provide our support and expertise in these unprecedented times. We have formally registered in response to the government’s call to action for business support in combating the impact of coronavirus in the UK
  • Personal protective equipment has been donated to NHS trusts including wraparound safety glasses to hospitals across the UK to protect health professional on the frontline
  • Jaguar Land Rover supports thousands of our employees with volunteering as part of our responsible business strategy. Where possible, we are encouraging our employees to get involved with national and local community efforts to support the vulnerable and in need, including the NHS call for volunteer responders in the UK

    In China:

  • Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery JLR were one of the first automotive companies to make a significant donation to the Hubei Charity Federation. The funds were used to procure urgently needed medical and living materials for medical personnel, volunteers and residents in Wuhan and other severely affected regions of Hubei Province. A further donation will go to children whose families are suffering poverty due to Covid-19
  • Jaguar Land Rover China was the first automotive company in China to focus on youth epidemic prevention education. Jaguar Land Rover China and China Soong Ching Ling Foundati[CSCLF] will jointly launch a new programme focusing on the construction of epidemic prevention facilities, youth epidemic prevention education and youth counselling, to further raise the overall awareness of and capabilities in epidemic diseases prevention and control among children and youths in severely affected regions of China

    In Slovakia:

  • Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia has donated hundreds of masks and protective clothing to two major hospitals in Nitra – the Special Hospital of St Svorad which has a focus on respiratory diseases and the central Nitra Faculty Hospital

    Land Rover and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

  • Worked together for over 65 years, helping communities prepare and respond to emergencies with disaster-preparedness projects around the world.
  • Through its partnership with the British Red Cross, Land Rover has also helped fund emergency relief efforts through the Disaster Relief Alliance, which supports community resilience programmes in the UK and around the world, providing financial assistance immediately when disaster hits – including coronavirus. The British Red Cross has already given £200,000 to support Asian countries severely affected by the pandemic


StreetGames harnesses the power of sport to create positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people right across the UK. StreetGames‘ work helps to make young people and their communities healthier, safer and more successful

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