Lizzie Daly, Searching for Orca with Volvo Car UK

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  • This summer, Volvo Car UK, in partnership with biologist and wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly, travelled to the wild coasts of Shetland to document one of the UK’s most charismatic species, the Orca.

Orca are an endangered species, and the reliance on the goodwill of volunteers to help document and record sightings to gather scientific data on their behaviours and movements is critical in safeguarding their future.

In the film ‘Searching for Orca’, Lizzie goes on an inspiring journey to track a pod of eight Orca, named the 27s, and in so doing, witness the spectacle of these majestic creatures for herself for the first time in home waters. This short film captures not only the beauty of Shetland’s wild side and the power of these Orca, but also shines a light on the people building a detailed and significant picture of the lives of the rare species. There is a strong community of willing citizen scientists, as well as several skilled, dedicated and talented naturalists, wildlife experts and filmmakers who dedicate their lives to monitoring and protecting the Orca. With much needed scientific data on their behaviours and movements, the future protection of these Orca is in good hands.


As a business, Volvo seeks to continually build upon its commitment to supporting a more sustainable future and share expertise across industries through initiatives and partnerships such as this. The brand recently announced a multi-year partnership with the Eden Project to inspire and educate visitors about people’s relationship with the environment and how we can protect the planet to create a safer future.

Humanity’s safety and happiness is linked with the preservation of the natural world, and Lizzie’s work intuitively reminds us how nature and human life is connected.


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